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Broadcasting from Gweru the city of progress, 98.4FM Midlands is a vibrant youth station that reflects and echoes youthful energy. Being a province that is economically driven by young people that an unmistakable entrepreneurial spirit it only makes sense that 98.4FM Midlands gives them entertainment that really drives their lifestyle. 98.4 Midlands music is 75% local including but not limited to zim-dancehall, house, hip hop, rnb, gospel to mane a few

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98.4FM Midlands is a vibrant full spectrum radio station that reflects and echoes the energy that the province exudes. It is the station that is on the pulse of everything that makes people of Midlands tick. 98.4FM Midlands is also a mentor and guide for Midlands urban adults that embraces a progressive and successful life to actively transform with their constantly changing environment.

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98.4FM Midlands

98.4FM Midlands has 70% music and 30% talk with sport as an integral part of the stations programming. Though its crafted fusion of music, entertainment, news, and information, 98.4FM Midlands is best suited to empower and positively influence listeners.